About Me

Hi, I’m Mark Samara, a personal trainer in Boston, MA.

My passion for fitness started when I was 5 years old. I started running with my dad every morning and practicing push-ups, sit-ups and headstands with him in our living room. From as long as I can remember, there was hardly a free moment when I wasn’t hitting my punching bag, doing chin-ups in my room or running top speed down the street! It was for pure enjoyment of the activity, with no goals of fat loss, muscle gain or anything else just simply for the love of exercise.

My first goal came when I saw a man on an exercise infomercial who had squares on his stomach (I had no idea what a “6-pack” was at the age of 8). I thought to myself “I want squares on my stomach too!” This motivated me to work even harder on my sit-ups and become one of the few kids in elementary school with “squares on his stomach.” From then on, whether it was for basketball, track, bodybuilding or anything else, I was exercising nearly every day.

Although I played various sports in school, one thing always remained constant; my love of training. There was nothing better than a secluded field, gym, or basement where I could sweat, strain and work until my body trembled knowing that I was going to better myself in some way. The exertion was sheer bliss. From basketball to martial arts to bodybuilding, my love of physical culture is just as strong today as when I first started.

In 2007, I took my knowledge, experience and love of health & exercise to the next level by becoming a certified personal trainer. Shortly after, some friends convinced me to enter a fitness modeling competition. After a solid year of training, I entered the 2009 Fitness NY show. To my surprise and delight, I won the Fitness Modeling Division! I have been competing ever since and am currently looking for new opportunities to pursue my modeling and acting career.

I am thrilled to share what I have learned through my experiences with my clients, friends and anyone who wants to listen. I am determined to helping you achieve all your health & fitness goals, maximizing your peak performance and helping you literally transform your mind & body. I offer all my clients a very laid back, comfortable and fun environment customized to your goals and pace. I guarantee you after one work out or through my monthly online program, you will love the way you feel and be driven to come back for more!

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Mark Samara,  personal trainer in Boston, MA