Health, Exercise and a Book: Vol.1

Health: My New Curfew
Anyone else had this experience?  You’re 16 and out well past your curfew.  After planning your oh-so-sneaky entrance home, you tiptoe through the back door only to find your parents waiting with a look that says ‘Are you ok? Good, because I’m gonna kill you!’.


I never would have imagined that 16 years later I’d be implementing my own self induced curfew! (Actually 2 different curfews to be exact)


The first is a caffeine curfew.  I realized that having coffee later in the day was keeping me up and effecting sleep quality.  If I want to be productive and well rested, having a good night’s sleep is incredibly important!


So now 4PM is the cut off!  No coffee or stimulants after 4.


The caffeine curfew may vary depending on how fast you metabolize it.  I tend to process it quickly, within a few hours.  Someone who’s slower may need to bump it to 2PM or even noon.


The caffeine curfew is one of the two that has helped me get a better nights sleep and wake up energized!
Stay tuned for curfew #2 which I’ll talk about next time.


An Exercise: Bulgarian Split Squat
Looking for a new exercise to add to your leg training repertoire?  Give the Bulgarian Split Squat a whirl.  Also known as a rear foot elevated split squat, it’s an incredibly challenging unilateral exercise that will build strength and sculpt your ‘wheels’!
Here’s the breakdown of the form.
Have the rear foot 6-18 inches from the ground.  If you’re not uber flexible, a bench can be a bit too high and hinder the range of motion.


Taking a shorter stance will be a bit more quad dominant while a longer stance will target your glutes and hamstrings.


And for a brutally hard version, try a drop set like this


And a Book!
The One Thing
by Gary Keller


At first I thought this may be just another book about productivity that goes in one ear and out the other.  On the contrary it was full of useful ideas that can be put into practice right away!


Find the one thing
A focusing question will help you find the most important task for success in your chosen venture.
It asks: What’s the one thing I can do such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?  This question forces you to do what is absolutely necessary for success.


Use your best energy for it
On any given day you have a limited supply of willpower.  Don’t squander it!  Use that willpower on the ONE task that is the most important of the day.  Case and point:  For me doing this writing is far easier at the beginning of the day as opposed to after work when I’m spent.


‘Balance’ does you no good
Don’t seek to live a perfectly balanced life.  Extraordinary results require focused attention and time on your ONE thing.  This means time away from other things.  Take a day, week or month and focus the majority of your energy on your ONE thing.  Afterwards, shift your focus to the things that have been on the back burner.


A calendar is a powerful tool
Block off time for your ONE thing on your calendar.  If it’s a regular thing, block it off every day/week.  If it’s a big push, block off however many weeks are necessary.
Stephen King has mastered focusing on his one thing.  Mornings are devoted to whatever project he is working on for about 4 hours.  Afternoons are for naps and letters.  Evenings are for family, reading, Red Sox and important revisions that can’t wait.


Anyone who dreams of an uncommon life eventually discovers there is no choice but to seek an uncommon approach to living it.

What’s your ONE thing?

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