3 Things That Only Skinny Guys Hear

A guest post by Dave Adams, a Boston-based copywriter and very tall gym enthusiast.

Skinny guys can be found hitting the gym hard to fight off the people that call them skinny. As you might not recognize, skinny guys – and girls – tend to face lots of criticism about being too skinny. These criticisms are usually what gets them to the gym, in the squat rack, and sweating buckets.

Here are 3 things that skinny people hear on the reg and how they should respond.

1. “Are you eating enough”?

Hold on, let me remove these 18 burgers from my mouth so I can answer you.

patrick burgers spongebod


2. “Have you tried hitting the gym”?

Come again? I’m too sore to turn my head to hear you. Pain. So much pain.

fight club


3. “One day, you’ll with you were skinny again.”

Um, no. One day, I’m going to wish you’d shut up. I want to be big. Like Stewie Griffin big.



At least skinny guys have an automatic 6-pack in the summer. Especially with beach season upon us.

Skinny or not, a personal trainer can totally help you figure out a training, fitness or diet program.  And that’s what Mark Samara, personal trainer does at Commonwealth Sports Club in Boston, MA every day.