Make Mother’s Day Swell and Swole

A guest post by Dave Adams, a Boston-based copywriter and very tall gym enthusiast.

Mother’s Day is less than a week away. Keep her healthy and active with some health and fitness gifts.

Here are some goodies that she’s bound to love.

1. Cook her dinner (and breakfast…and lunch…and snacks).

Turn the tables on mom and provide her with a plate full of good-for-you foods. Make sure to show off your knowledge of leafy greens, lean meats, and health carbs (yes there is such a thing). Don’t forget to give her a bit of chocolate for a sweet dessert. Make it extra dark, of course.

2. Take her to the gym

Spot up, mom. It’s time to get swole. Well, she might actually prefer something not quite as intense, but either way, hitting the gym together is great for relationship building. No, you’re not trying to date your mom. But it makes sense that hitting the gym together can actually help strengthen couples’ relationships! Consider taking mama to the gym as practice for when you take your girlfriend/boyfriend.

3. Buy her a massage

After a day of eating like a queen and crushing squats, let mom get some alone time. Nothing says, “Love you, mom” quite like a one-hour muscle rubdown. She’ll come out stress-free, relaxed, and, most importantly, happy.

Make sure that some time between the steamed spinach, burpees, and head massage, mom gets a hug. She deserves it.

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