The Voluptuous Vending Machine

A guest post by Dave Adams, a Boston-based copywriter and very tall gym enthusiast.

It’s hard to resist snacks. Health and nutrition consistency is not always easy.

We know that abs are made in the kitchen. Knowing the nutritional value of your food can go a long way…like from your chest to your tapered waist.

We can safely assume that vending machines are not commonly found in kitchens. But apparently they can hide anywhere.

vending machine camo 2

Maybe one day we’ll have vending machines packed with fruits and veggies. “Press C7 for carrot sticks.” Until that dreamy day is upon us, we’ll need to make smart snacking decisions. The vending machine doesn’t have to be an evil, fat-storing, candy-chamber. Flip it on it’s head. Well, actually, flip it around.

Try to look past the shiny label that begs you to make a muscle depleting decision. Think about what’s on the less pretty nutrition label. It will feel good to be informed about your food. You’ll be making a good decision for your brain and your biceps.

vending machine nutrition label

Fortunately, it looks like that dreamy day of nutrition information on vending machines is quickly approaching. VendScreen, a leading developer of vending industry cashless payment technology, is working to make it happen!

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has laid down a set of regulations that will require point-of-purchase consumer food options to list caloric information. VendScreen is looking to do more. Basically, you’ll be able to see the full nutritional information of any product in the machine. So. Much. Information. I’m. So. Excited. You should be too.

Unfortunately, this FDA regulation won’t apply to everybody. Owners and operators of the anti-muscle food dispenser (aka vending machine) must own more than 20 machines. That’s a lot sinful snacks.

The key takeaway here is not to be fooled by the pretty packaging. “Don’t judge a book by its cover” applies not only to dating, friendships, but also…vending machines. Oh, and keep those biceps happy.