The Power of the Squat

A guest post by Dave Adams, a Boston-based copywriter and very tall gym enthusiast.

A powerful squat will not only make sitting on the toilet easier, but the results are worth writing home about.

But you should know that squats aren’t easy. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Rome also wasn’t built by people who avoided squats. This lower body, multi-joint movement will have you crying tears of both pain and joy. The pain because – well – it’s damn hard. The joy because you’ll be thanking squats when you’re beach body arrives in July.

Squats don’t just work your mental toughness…they do it all.

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  1. Glutes

That booty doe. It’s all about the booty. Well, squats are your booty’s best friend. Not only will the squat help you burn body fat, you’ll likely see an increase in booty coupled with a decrease in waist.

  1. Core

Any time you need to use stabilizing muscles to perform a movement, you’re using your core. Multi-joint means multi-abs. While getting low for deep squats, you’ll want to keep your chest out and butt out. Flex your core and get down till those hammies are parallel to the floor. Feel your core working? Yes, it’s getting paid overtime.

  1. Hamstrings

When you get low on your deep squats, you’ll feel a stretch in your hamstrings. The muscle is ready to deploy its fibers. Explode back up and get ready for more. Hamstrings are some of the biggest muscles in your body, which can yield extra benefits. We’ll talk about that in a minute.

  1. Calves

You’ll be looking and feeling better than ever when you’re wearing shorts around town. Most women love a hunky pair of calves on a guy. Indulge in squats to not only be ready for beach season, but also for shorts season. Use your calves to keep you stable and firmly positioned throughout the entire movement.

  1. Every muscle in your body

Like most multi-joint movements, there is a benefit of “creating an anabolic environment.” This isn’t a fictional environment where you ride around the jungle on the back of a lion. Although that’s how it might feel after you put up 3x your bodyweight on squat. The anabolic environment creates a place where all of your muscles can grow. Sometimes, you might feel an extra confidence kick after some deep squats. You could even feel stronger than you look, but if you keep at it, your looks will match the feeling pretty soon.

Learn to love the squat. Maybe even lower your toilet seat a few inches to get that extra range of motion.

Mark Samara can totally show you the power of the squat.  Hit him up anytime right here.

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